Dr. Tiller was not the first to be murdered

Dr. Tiller was not the first to be murdered

A SF Gray Panther responds to the murder of Dr. Tiller

Doctor George Tiller was assassinated Sunday morning inside his church by our homegrown American terrorists. Tragically, Dr. Tiller was not the first to be murdered by these forces.  Women from all over the world came to his clinic in Wichita, Kansas for safe and legal abortions.   Even prior attempts on his life,  being shot earlier leaving his clinic, being accused by the Grand Jury, and most recently having his clinic vandalized, none of these deterred Dr. Tiller from practicing what he called an important part of healthcare.    Feminists have for several decades pointed to the dangers of ignorance and hatred aimed at women who have the audacity to demand control of their bodies.

Over twenty years ago, I stood with other women outside a women’s clinic in Daily City to counter a right wing, Operation Rescue attempt to barricade doors of the clinic and its ability to perform legal and safe abortions.   The overpowering number of police in cars, in paddy wagons,  on motorcycles from every city from SF to the South Bay did not conceal their agreement with the anti-abortionists.  Women protesting and taking action to clear a path for women trying to enter the clinic were harassed and threatened with intimidation from the police.    The anti-abortionists blocking the entrance to the clinic had their protest protected.  Fists raised and chants of “Not the church, not the state, women will decide our fate” received glares form the “peace” officers.

Women and pro-choice supporters will stand in grief today and in following days to morn and to honor Dr. Tiller and his family.  We also will stand stronger in our resolve to protect and demand our right to choice.

Salon.com reports that FOX’s “O’Reilly Factor” has featured attacks on Dr. Tiller on no less than 28 episodes.

Sign an on-line petition demanding Bill O’Reilly accept responsibility for helping foster the atmosphere that led to Dr. Tiller’s murder.

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