Sen. Baucus, about your exclusion of single-payer

Sen. Max Baucus

511 Hart Bldg

Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-2651‎

(202) 224-9412 fax

Senator Baucus,

Millions of Americans, particularly seniors and their advocates, were horrified in the late months of 2003 to see how the Bush administration forced through a Medicare Modernization Act that deprived seniors of a real drug plan, gave billions of profits to private drug companies, and set up a direct competition-premium subsidy plan that threatened the financial stability of the entire Medicare Plan. Democrats were run over rough-shod in committee meetings, and finally barred from even attending House-Senate Conference Committee meetings.  It was one of the most disgraceful periods in American healthcare policy history, which I never thought I would see again.

But your exclusion of single-payer advocates, barring even your own colleagues in the House, has surpassed the Bush legacy, and probably with more far-reaching effects.  How many more have to be arrested before you and your committee are willing to discus the healthcare reform that a majority of US residents and doctors favor?  How long can you shut your eyes to the failure of private insurance-based healthcare reform in Massachusetts?  How can you claim to be less corrupt than your Republican predecessors in protecting the profits of the insurance and drug companies that contribute to you and your colleagues?  And how can you ignore the eighteen thousand who die every year from lack of adequate healthcare coverage.

Your exclusion of single-payer from the health reform discussion will be remembered in the same light as the night of the twisted arms when the Medicare Modernization Act was forced through Congress.


Michael Lyon

128 Faith St.

San Francisco CA 94110

2 Responses to “Sen. Baucus, about your exclusion of single-payer”

  1. 1 problembear May 10, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    thanks michael – many of us- independent progressives and democrats alike share your views about senator baucus and we are ashamed to have him in the senate representing montana. montanans are about fairness and inclusiveness. not ham-handed tactics like arresting doctors and advocates for the crime of wanting to participate in the discussion about health care.

    it was a disgrace and we shall continue to make life miserable for him until he apologizes and includes single payer at the table. our only hope now is this lousy bill of max’s dies a sudden and deserved death and we can regroup to start anew with a fairer approach next session.

  2. 2 Tom May 13, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    What is disturbing about Max Baucus is that he has taken almost $400,000 in contributions from health insurance and pharmaceutical companies according to MSNBC.. These are the same companies who stand to lose the most if single payer were to become a reality… So who does Max Baucus really represent??/ Obviously it’s the insurance companies.. If single payer were put on the table it would win hands down as the best solution to our healthcare crisis..Putting the friends of Max Baucus out of business.. This man should be ashamed and he should be removed from his position on the Senate finance committee.. He is a disgrace to the seat he holds!!!

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