Anti-Gang crackdowns make cities more dangerous, intervention needed instead, Justice Policy Insitute says.

Groundbreaking New Report: Gang suppression tactics fail to reduce crime, can worsen problem; Pervasive myths about gang members and gang crime debunked

Experts tell lawmakers more police, more prison and more punishment have not stopped gang violence; advocate for science-based approach to public safety

Washington, D.C. –A groundbreaking new report released today by the Justice Policy Institute argues that the billions of dollars spent on traditional gang suppression activities have failed to promote public safety and are often counterproductive. The report is released as lawmakers consider legislation to stiffen penalties for gang-related crime and increase funding for gang suppression.

Gang Wars: The Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies, written by Judith Greene and Kevin Pranis, undertakes an extensive review of the research literature on gangs to clarify persistent misconceptions and examine the effectiveness of common gang control strategies. According to the report, in cities like Los Angeles where gang activity is most prevalent, more police, more prisons and more punitive measures haven’t stopped the cycle of gang violence. Most surprising are conclusions that gangs are responsible for a relatively small share of crime; gang activity has not grown in the U.S.; whites make up a large – if largely invisible – proportion of gang members; most gang-involved youth quit before reaching adulthood; and heavy-handed suppression tactics can increase gang cohesion while failing to reduce violence.

“The current preoccupation with gangs is a distraction from very real problems of crime and violence that afflict too many communities,” says report co-author Kevin Pranis. “Gangs do not drive crime rates, and aggressive suppression tactics simply make the situation worse by alienating local residents and trapping youth in the criminal justice system. Our review of the research found no evidence that gang enforcement strategies have achieved meaningful reductions in violence, but ample proof that science-based social service interventions can curb delinquency.”

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California) and Congressman Adam Schiff (D-California 29th) have introduced legislation that would create new federal penalties, establish a national gangs database, and invest more than $700 million in suppression activities, dwarfing the funds provided for prevention.

Gang Wars points to Los Angeles and Chicago as examples of the tragic failure of the most popular suppression approaches to gangs. Despite decades of aggressive gang enforcement – including mass arrests and surveillance, huge gang databases, and increased prison sentences for gang crimes – gang violence continues at unacceptable rates. Despite this failed track record, policymakers nationwide risk following blindly in Los Angeles’ and Chicago’s troubled footsteps.

“Other cities should not adopt Los Angeles’ disastrous ‘war on gangs.’ That approach has failed our communities for generations, and we can’t afford to lose any more youth to violence or prison,” says Luis Rodriguez, a nationally recognized Chicano writer and poet, and author of Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. “We need to invest in jobs, schools, and programs that are proven to reduce recidivism, and reject the policies that prevent young people from leaving gang life behind them.”

New York City, by contrast, did not embrace the aggressive tactics chosen elsewhere when gang crime was on the rise, and has experienced far less gang violence. When gang violence became a serious problem, the city established a system of well-trained street-workers and gang intervention programs, grounded in effective social work practices and independent of law enforcement. Gang experts conclude that the city’s serious problem with street gang violence had largely faded away by the 1980s. Crime is at an historic low in New York.

“This reports shows that the cost of uninformed policy making is simply too high—in dollars and in lives,” says report co-author Judith Greene. “It is unfortunate that this new legislation threatens to continue this legacy of waste.”

In addition to Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, the report also examines gang problems and gang enforcement efforts in diverse jurisdictions including Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and the state of North Carolina.

Based on a review of existing research, Gang Wars draws the following conclusions:

  • Gang members account for a relatively small share of crime in most jurisdictions. The available evidence indicates that gang members play a relatively small role in the national crime problem. Further, analysis of state-level data shows no consistent relationship between crime rates and reports of gang activity.
  • The public face of the gang problem is black and Latino, but whites make up the largest group of adolescent gang members. Law enforcement sources report that over 90 percent of gang members are nonwhite, but youth survey data show that whites account for 40 percent of gang members between the ages of 12 and 16. The disparity raises troubling questions about how gang members are identified by law enforcement.
  • Gang control policies make the process of leaving more difficult by continuing to target former members after their gang affiliation has ended. Most young people who enter gangs will leave the gang within a year. But law enforcement practices can target former gang members long after their active participation in the gang has ended, and may dissuade employers from offering jobs to former gang members or youth who merely look like gang members.
  • Heavy-handed suppression efforts can increase gang cohesion and police-community tensions, and they have a poor track record when it comes to reducing crime and violence. In Chicago, a cycle of police suppression and incarceration combined with a legacy of segregation to sustain unacceptably high levels of gang violence. Results from the Department of Justice-funded interventions in the three major cities of Dallas, Detroit, and St. Louis show no evidence of a positive impact on target neighborhoods. The picture is little better for gang enforcement strategies that seek to combine suppression with social service interventions: evaluations of Operation Ceasefire and the “Comprehensive Gang Program Model” show that neither was able to replicate the apparent success of the pilot programs, or to achieve a “balance” between law enforcement and community stakeholders.

“We’ve tried to win the war on gangs with law enforcement alone, but we have little to show for it,” says National Black Police Association Executive Director Ronald Hampton. “Rather than engaging in endless battles against gang members, we need to target the problem behavior that hurts communities. We should support the kinds of prevention and proven programs that we already know reduce violence and crime.”

The report advocates that public policy be directed toward reducing youth violence by learning from the lessons of the past and results from recent innovations in juvenile justice policy:

  • Expand the use of evidenced-based practice to reduce youth crime. Instead of devoting more resources to the already heavily funded and ineffective gang enforcement tactics, policy makers should expand the use of “evidenced-based” interventions that are scientifically proven to reduce juvenile recidivism.
  • Promote jobs, education, and healthy communities, and lower barriers to the reintegration into society of former gang members. Gang researchers observe that employment and family formation help draw youth away from gangs. Creating positive opportunities through which gang members can leave their past, as opposed to ineffective policies that lock people into gangs or strengthen their attachments, can help to improve public safety.
  • Redirect resources from failed gang enforcement efforts to proven public safety strategies. Gang injunctions, gang sweeps, and various ineffective enforcement initiatives reinforce negative images of whole communities and run counter to best practices in youth development. JPI suggests that, instead, localities should end practices that can make the youth violence problem worse, and refocus funds on effective public safety strategies.

To receive a copy of Gang Wars: The Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies, contact Laura Jones or LaWanda Johnson at: or Or call 202-558-7974, ext. 307 or 308.

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  1. 1 gilbert wainwright June 18, 2009 at 11:47 pm


    My name is Gilbert Wainwright; I created this animated script/series, Titled, “O.G. I would appreciate if you will read it. I believe that I have a positive message for people here. Please take a few minutes to read this script. I created and produce this script of, “O.G,” in three days. Here are three short stories. The graphic arts are not included here today,but I introduce to you, “O.G the animated series”. O.G is my way of making a constructive contribution to the world, from the very many bad choices that I made in life, while promoting a true inspiration close to my heart, which is gang intervention through mentorship, and self improvement activities. The interesting lesson to learn from O.G is like the young eagle forced out of the nest, only in experiencing his or her greatest fear; when it is falling, that it discovers its’ greatness. I hope that rule of discovery happens here today in life.This script is for mature audience and contains strong language.

    Thank you and I hope to be hearing from you. I have an interesting inspiration to share i.e.: It is only in the darkness of night we are able to see to stars and their beauty.

    Contact information: Gil Wainwright 8101 W. Flamingo rd. #1108 Las Vegas Nevada 89147

    (702) 873-2821 (580) 649-1464

    Speech about Gangs

    Gangs are a very serious subject; many lives have been lost and affected by them. Many have been negatively impacted by gang activity.

    Gang activity offers a young person some good times and it offers some bad times. The worst part about gangs is when you are betrayed by someone who you trusted. Someone who you would have given your life for, but sadly to say is that everyone has their price.

    It might be a cash amount payable by cash , check or money order , it maybe because of envy or jealousy, also known as hate, it may be behind a serious desire or love affair but everybody has a price. Sad to say that sometimes it could cost you your life. You can end up with a bullet in the back of your head, like my old friend and homeboy, Stacey Cheatham. He was stabbed in the back by some of his own so called homeboy’s. People he thought were cool. People he trusted to watch his back. Unfortunately for him , greed and jealousy do not have any friends. Money and power changes people , and that goes for anybody.

    I was locked up in one of the most notorious prisons in California; Back in 1993, The Security housing unit at Pelican bay, also known as “ the S.H.U. program, and the end of the world” .I did not sweat the consequences for anything that I did. Somberly, that was why I ended up being kept in the S.H.U. program. 23 hours a day and had very limited contact opportunity. It looks cool but it really is not. It is Isolation from others and punishment on your mind.

    The further from people I was kept the worst at getting along I became. I think I got worst being in the S.H.U program. If you lock a dog up in a cage long enough as time passes by, even a nice one is going to turn mean and bite you.

    Gang banging is a dead end street.There are three common endings , death ,get locked up for life, and ending up as a nobody living on the streets.This is real talk not some Mickey mouse scare tactics. You can test me, go to any skid row and any City, you will find hundreds of use to be gang Icons, and tough guy’s looking for a hand out. I am not making this stuff up. Either we use our brains or we get washed up to the waste side. I am serious about that , no joke.

    Characteristics are transferable.The same self respect that a person uses to be successful at gang banging or making money out there in the streets; can be used at being successful to do whatever they chose to do.Stanely Williams tried to tell people that right before he was executed. Self discipline and commitment and loyalty , all of those fine characteristics they can be transferable.

    I never saw a bird fly too high if he uses his own wings. The best kept secret in the world is to really believe in you. And believe that you can change your own life. You need to be the person you look up to. The last thing is take actions to make it happen, be about it don’t just talk about it. Do not be afraid to be you.

    Respect in gangs is supposed to be a top priority,why is it that the tough guys in a gang is so disrespectful? Respect is not a characteristic of gang banging. Do not fool yourself.

    I personally believe that you have to give respect to get respect. Some people say that they are all about respect but , if you listen to the words they use with others sometimes that claim is a lie.It is an oxymoron. The claim does not match the facts.

    Now I am going to try to help you where ever you are, if I can. Simply by sharing my own knowledge, all gang banging leads to death, the question is. Is it worth losing your life for? That is the question to ask yourself. I am going to keep myself professional please wake up and help me to help everybody.

    You can do a million different things with your life to get money and respect, including self-respect which is the top respect of all. I would fight ten people by myself if I felt my personal self respect was in jeopardy. I mean that too, no matter if I get whipped to death, I would stay down to the fullest.

    But, if someone else’s idea of me being a certain way was in question? I need to ask myself some questions. Here is the thing; if you need to question yourself about anything you probably need to stop doing whatever you are uncertain about, back to my statement to youth it is important.

    There is always somebody out there who is crazier than you are, there is always going to be a Jessie James, character out there gunning for you. No matter how bad you think you are. There is somebody who thinks he can take you .Gang banging is a rat race with a weak prize. It is not worth losing your life over. In the end you do not come out on top.

    You can do so many great things with your life, for yourself, your family,and the people you love , life is a gift so use it, and enjoy it. You have to be free and stay alive to do that.

    Many of you are not in a gang that has a big name, but you are in gangs too. Gang banging is more of a state of mind you are in. Like if you hurt me or any of my friends? I hurt you and anybody who hangs around you. We gangsters say that we are all about respect and love, but I beg to differ. Respect and love yourself.

    We demand to be respected, but that is as far as that commitment goes. Do not waste your life behind bars, and throw your life away over street names, numbers, hand signs and symbols. Neither the colors of clothing’s nor the area of town people live in. We must become larger than that if you desire to exercise all of your potentials.

    In conclusion the same commitment to your family and your future is the way to go.That will pay off for you I guarantee it. I have a great number of associates, still in prison serving 27 and 37 to life . They are probably never going to be getting out. Especially if they stay down to the fullest as I presume they all will do. Gangs are not a way to live your life , gang banging is a great way to throw your life away.

    I represented the set to the fullest in prison and did a S.H.U. programs as a result, I survived to tell you about it. The truth is that all you can really depend on is your family. I recommend that we should redefine the terminology. Love our families and appreciate them. Change your life for your loved ones and yourself ,but most of all just do it for your own good.

    No man is an island , everything we say, do,think and feel affects someone else, rather or not if it is positive or negative it is up to you. The quote that I espouse to is from Anthony Robbins, one of the great minds of our time, “Negative people are losers, and positive people are winners. In my final conclusion We need to redefine ourselves, Thank you!

    Sincerely Gilbert Wainwright United Coast to Coast Organization C.E.O

    How does O.G come into existence?

    One bright sunny day in Los Angeles California, crime and violence in South Central is going on as usual.

    Scene one:

    The daily activities are going on as you can see: drive by shootigs,gang banging, drugs being bought and sold, robberies and thefts being done , dice games on the streets, right out in the open , and in the alley ways ,fist fights taking place ,and people are standing around arguing over petty stuff, kids are walking to school with school books under their arms headed off to school , and dog fight being held out in the middle of the street , with thugs betting money on which dog will win , this is a ghetto. Now focus on scene two

    Scene two:

    Drug dealers walk up on a man who is known as O.G

    Thug: hey’ nigga you stole my money off the table back at my spot.

    O.G: no’ you got me mixed up with somebody else.

    Thus#2: no not no more we don’t.

    Thugs pull out hand guns and unload them into O.G; they shot him over 20 times. O.G fell to the ground and they kept shooting him. O.G died. The thugs ran away from the scene of the crime.

    Scene three:

    Suddenly two miniatures O.Gs come out of O.Gs chest, one of them dressed in red, and the other dressed in blue. The one in blue was dressed well in a dress shirt , tie , an Ace duce gangster hat and Stacy Adams shoes;the red O.G was dressed in khaki outfit, tennis shoes,and an Ace duce gangster hat as well.

    They were identical twins in physical appearance, except for their clothing and their attitudes.

    The red O.G went down to hell and spoke with the demons. The blue O.G went up to heaven and spoke with the angels.

    The ambulance came and pronounced O.G dead on arrival. They took his body away from the crime scene and police officers there, which was tape off with yellow tape.

    Scene four

    Scene four

    Red O.G: Hey’ this place is hot, I see crazy Mike, Hey’ crazy Mike, what’s up my nigga?


    Nobody can hear red O.G because he had not been processed yet. His body continued to travel through hell to see the top demon , whose name is Voteron. Finally he arrives to a stop. He saw a huge throne and looked upon it, there was a little demon seated upon it. The demon spoke.

    Demon: you are here because you activities are wickedly commendable and we applaud you,but there is one problem.

    Red O.G: what’s that?

    Voteron: your mind and soul are split you are divided. You must be complete to join us here.

    Red O.G: Hey’ wait what am I suppose to do?

    Voteron: defeat your self who calls you now.

    Scene five

    Suddenly a magnetic force pulled red O.G out of hell, and up into the sky above the clouds. To a table with a chess board on it and placed him into a seat of two chairs there.

    Scene six

    The blue O.G floated upwards into the outer space and went into a paradise area where he saw his grandmother.

    Blue O.G: Hey’ granny! Hey’ granny over here!


    O.Gs grandmother does not her him because he has not been processed yet He continued to float closer to a huge light until he reached a huge throne. Upon it was a bright light that was too bright to look at. The light spoke to O.G.

    Light: you are here because of your good heart and your loyalty. But, there is one problem.

    Blue O.G: what’s that, did I do something wrong?

    The light: your soul and mind must be one for you to be here. You are incomplete. Go to the realm of humanity and defeat your demon and then you may enter our paradise. Your challenge is the young one they call Nut. Suddenly the blue O.G is transported to the seat opposite of the red O.G at a table with a chess board between them. They both looked at one another and then looked at the chess board. They saw a scene playing itself out down below, not chess pieces ,but they were looking at a real life event unfolding. A young man was talking to some others about doing a crime, one of the young men said to another, “ Nut”, you need to come and get some of this money nigga. At that moment the blue O.G understood what was going on. The red O.G under stood the challenge as well.

    The conclusion to the manifestation of O.G the mentorship series by Gilbert Wainwright

    The homboy got shot scene one

    Mad Rock: Hey’ Nut the homeboy Wolf got shot today by some scabs!

    Nut: Is he dead?

    Mad Rock: No, but he is fucked up. They got him in his gut my nigga.

    Scene stop:

    .G Introduction O scene set up:

    A bright and clear day above the clouds. The camera focuses in on two O.G’s while they are seated at a table with a chess board between them. Engaged in a game of wit. They play a game of chess which represents the verbal arguments and evaluations , attitudes and the thoughts going through the main characters mind. The good conscious O.G is wearing a blue outfit and the bad conscious O.G. is wearing a red outfit. The color red is selected to be the bad conscious only because of a common association with red to the negative and blue is chosen to be the opposing color to focus the attention on two common colors usually opposing one another. Let the games begin now.

    Scene one

    Red: let’s go to the crib and get my shit. We can do this, fuck that somebody is going to die today.

    Blue: stop and think, don’t believe everything you hear. This going to kill someone because the homie got shot stuff is getting old, this is the third time in two weeks. At some point I need to elevate my life above this life style. At some point I need to make a meaningful life for myself and have children, I need to grow up because this stuff is not worth me losing my life over.I need to go up to the hospital and find out what happened. Let’s see what wolf has to say about this. He may be dead for all I know. When are we going to rise above this cycle of self destruction and unproductive behavior? I need to start with me,nobody loves me like me, but God. I need to refocus my attention towards bettering my life condition. I am going to the hospital to see Wolf myself, and see what he has to say.

    Red: fuck all that weak ass shit nigga we need to go handle that shit O.G style. We don’t need to be going to see nothing. Just go get the heat and ride.Nigga we don’t compromise with terrorist. If you fuck with one of us your ass is out.

    Blue: that is the mentality that has held us back that mentality ,not being able to look beyond the circumstances, We have been over reacting since the Watts riots back in the 1960s. We need to start thinking about our ideas and the genius that we possess. We need to be individuals who can think independently. Stop jumping the gun and not over react.A man’s character is only as large as his views about himself. Life can be our paradise if we try to create peace in our life. Don’t be like some people I know and rush to war and destroy people. The end result is always more of the same and it goes on and on it never ends until you decide to get out of the rat race, by stopping it yourself. for you.

    Red: what nigga you sound like some kind of broken record, the only thing that has held us back is weak ass nigga’s who are scared to stand up and fight get out in the thick of this war zone and put work in , nigga , put a motherfucka on his back!

    Blue: that mind set is why people fail in life. You need to rise above the circumstances and see the vision of your future. The things that you want to come true in your life. They can all happen, but first get away from people who are not trying to move their own life forward, and people who try to hold you back, you can figure them out by the way they dress , talk , act and the easiest way to spot one is by the way they see you. You know my momma told me a long time ago that if you are not moving forwards in life then you are moving backwards , because nothing in life is standing still everything in life is moving all the time. I say, go up to the hospital and talk to wolf about what happen. Get it from the horse’s mouth , not the other end.

    Red: I say go get your pistol and gear up for this payback, all hands on deck. 187 time nigga ride with mad rock nigga lets go. It is time to lay some mother fucka’s down. Let’s put these punk bitch made nigga’s on notice. The set tripping is on! Next page #2

    The homy got shot page #2

    Blue: I say avoid going to get a gun at all cost trouble is easier to get into than it is to get out of. Focus on avoiding people like mad rock and wolf as much as possible, build a future for yourself. You have star qualities and you are very intelligent , be original originality does not mean you get there first, it means to be unique or one of a kind. I’m unique, one of a kind and I think for myself. I know how to be original first of all nut, don’t be a follower for one thing. I say stay on the high ground in your life and inspire others don’t be a follower. Rise above the negativity that pulls great minds down and ruins your life.

    Scene show nut imagining to carry out red o.g advice

    Nut goes to get a gun from home with mad rock following along. Let’s go. They go and do a drive by shooting nut is the trigger man seated in the passenger’s side, yells out fuck you nigga’s as he shots six or seven shots from the car window striking two men.

    Before they could get far the police pulled up behind them. Rammed their car over jumped out and pulled their guns out ready to blast. The police arrested them.

    Next scene

    Nut and Rock are in court charged with 2 murder charges and facing 27 to life for each count. The judge sentenced nut and mad rock both to 27 years to life in the state correctional department concurrent.

    Scene shows nut going to see wolf in the hospital

    Nut goes to the hospital room of wolf

    Nut: hey’ wolf how you doing man?

    Wolf: as well as can be expected. Nigga, how you think I’m doing? I just got shot by some punk as scabs.

    Nut: what happen?

    Wolf: I was getting at this broad in the mall, she was acting all uppity and shit,talking about she was already taken. I told that bitch fuck you and your punk as nigga. I’m wolf man, bitch, the Mack captain ho.

    Nut: you said that?

    Wolf: yea, nigga you know how I roll.

    Scene returns to original scene

    Mad rock: what’s up nut you in?

    Nut: no, Wolf I’m not in man, we need to rise above this kind of Insanity that promotes killing people. I’m not going to continue to do the same things that I have been doing for so long because I need a change in my life. I am tired of the non productive activity that destroys every thing but never ever builds up anything. Going out to kill somebody won’t make me tough, it will make me stupid. Disrespecting people does not make us tough ,it makes us stupid. We need to respect the next man if we expect the next mans respect. I think I’m going to bail up to the hospital and check out the situation for myself. We need to start using our heads, Rock. Right now there are too many of our people out here dying in these streets and behind them concrete walls over immature juvenile wasteful things and we are wasting our lives too often.

    Return to O.G scene in the clouds

    Blue: I’m glad to see that nut is thinking wisely. I am proud of him,he has a bright future ahead of him. One small step at a time and the next thing you know , Nut is going to make a new life for himself. Many great men and women’s overcome adverse life condition and rise up from abject circumstance on into prosperity and very successful lives.Nut has the same opportunity.

    Red: Man, I don’t give a fuck, nigga lock me up! I was made for that kind of shit. No pain no gain mother fucka.

    Blue: That is why you lose I’ll see you again next time checkmate

    Robbery Scene

    Scene set up: Nut is in his home when all of a sudden, he hears a knock at the door. When he answers it there are mad rock and wolf.

    Nut: what’s up, what brings you guys over here?

    Rock: let’s go do a lick man; we need to get some money.

    Wolf: yea’ we need to be counting some paper,my nigga fuck this being broke shit.

    O.G. scene begins above the clouds

    Red O.G : count me in nigga let’s go get some of that paper. Hey’, hey’, hey’ nigga let’s get some paper! (Happily.)

    Blue O .G: you got bigger and better dreams for your life than, doing a robbery. Remember those green jobs are about to be on and popin, I can train for a green job.

    Red O.G: you know how we roll nigga where is the artillery? Smash and grabs are the shit. We can come up real quick, nigga like grease lightning we can be Rollin.

    Blue O.G: why is it that every sentence you make is followed up by saying , “nigga”? nigga this and nigga that. Nigga, this nigga .You become what you see yourself, you actually create your own reality by how you define you. In your mind just put a still picture of what a think a nigga looks like. Really just imagine a nigga in a picture. Is he respectable? Is he smart, good looking. Is he someone you respect?

    Red O.G: look who’s talking Mr. Goody two shoes, nigga stop making a big deal out of meaningless bullshit. You want to be Mr. Intellectual and shit fuck all that intelligent bull shit. Nut is a G, and he knows how it’s done a nigga got to do what he got to do…

    Blue O.G: Nut is his own man.He knows that fast money is not always good money.Fast money like that is like a mouse trap, it is holding a nice looking slice of cheese, but once he gets inside; wham”, the trap snaps closed, then it’s a different ball game. Tell mad rock and wolf, thanks but no thanks.When you give in to despair and hopelessness , and give up on yourself in a situation such as this, you can never rise above this neighborhood where you live now. Life has a challenge for us all, that is where you will end up in it. You can start anywhere in life at the beginning and take yourself to any destination that you believe is possible. My motto is, “so, shall a man think in his heart so is he”, my grandmother taught me that. Strong beliefs and strong states of mind creates miracles, Joseph Mc McClendon, the book unlimited power a black choice. One of my best studies. Nut, don’t do it, you are better than that.

    Red: Man that weak as sympathizing talk is why niggas losing now. I’m trying to blow up nut get your money homboy. Your grandmother was talking that same old stuff for a long time, where did it get her? All due respect to granny in all but nowhere. That is that classic slave mentality, okay, masta, and this side be over soon and shit. Fuck to nigga wake up let’s go get this money,point blank.

    Blue O.G: I was disturbed by the depth of your ignorance at first, and grieved by your discouraged mind, but as I look from an objective perspective at you and consider you life experiences and evaluate your emotional immaturity, I can only imagine the levels of distress assimilating you mind state and character. Nut you can reach any dream and any desire, if you are patient and not rushing into situations seeking overnight success. You just got to believe in you. You r thought create your own reality, you can rise above this situation be strong.

    Red: Nut, say yea and go with the homies they gone hit a jewelry store, we about to do a smash and grab baby all eyes on you my nigga. We gonna be living the good life, movin on up, to the eastside to a deluxe apartment in the shy, it’s on my nigga let’s roll. This is a simple ass lick all we got to do is mob up in there, smash the glass jewelry cases fill up the motha fuckin bags, full of diamonds and gold, and get the fuck out of there, nigga we gonna be riding like Jesse James and the James gang. You gonna be strapped ain’t nothin to worry about. If anybody gets Froggy put a cap in they ass, that’s it that’s all.

    Red G side plays out in nuts mind

    Nut: O.K let’s do this mad rock wolf and nut are off to do the robbery. They go inside of the jewelry store

    They order everybody to freeze and start to hitting the jewelry case glass cases with their gun butts. Breaking the glass and grabbing hands full of gold and diamond jewelry. Filling their bags with the goods. The store owners and clerks are scared to death because of the guns. But one of the clerks pressed an alarm button behind the counter when they had first arrived. The store was surrounded by the police, and helicopters. They heard a loud speaker telling them to come out with their hands up now. Your are surrounded. They decided to give up.

    When they went to court, they were all found guilty and sentenced to 10 years each.

    Blue G side plays out

    No thanks fella’s I’m not into that life style on more. I’m planning on doin real big things with my life. No disrespect but I got to go. I’ll see you niggas when I see you. I’m expecting my girl over any minute. Peace out. I got plans that I need to be on deck for.

    Scene return to Nut

    Nut : No, fella’s I’m just gonna chill I think things are going to turn around for a me, I believe that I can rise above this same old negative day in day out stuff we been doin for years. We still here, they say the definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing and expecting to get a different result. I’m tired of this same old stuff cuzzy Count me out.

    O.G chess game scene returns

    Blue O.G: That was a good call, fast money looks good but it is not always what it is cracked up to be. Now, thankfully nut can stay in the game to win another day. Checkmate.

    Red O.G : I am not worried about no motha fuchin police, police are the least of my worries. I’m a motha fuckin gangsta understand me. I could have been Rollin in the big league jewels and cash flow like a motha. Fuck it!


    Offer to sell dope

    First scene: Nut walks up to the corner store and bumps into mad rock and wolf

    Mad rock: hey’ Nut when you gonna stop starving yourself out here and come get some of this chedder my nigga?

    Wolf: yea, my nigga them white folks ain’t trying to give a nigga no job. You got to make your own job.We entrepreneurs, get with the program my nigga.

    Nut: man I am getting tired of going around here broke ,starvin like Marvin.

    Scene stop goes to the scene above the clouds at the table of O.G’s chess game now

    At the chess table above the clouds it is a bright sunny day. O.G red and O.G blue are seated at their table engaged in Nut’s situation. Each one gave their own evaluation of the situation and stated their recommendations. Suggesting the action for Nut to take.

    Mad rock: yea;’ man get involved, you need to get plugged in with us. Start making some real paper. We need to eat nigga, ain’t nobody doing nothing for you, but yourself.

    Blue: Don’t leap before you look. Everything that glitters is not gold. Keep on trying to find an honest job don’t give up . Sometimes the circumstances may look bad but if you stay strong and don’t give up hope, your circumstances will change for the better. You have to stay in the game to win. Honesty is the best policy.

    Red: selling dope is an honest job nigga that is entrepreneurship and I can run my own shit. I ain’t gonna be hanging out begging nobody to help me do a mother fuckin thang. Man I’m about getting my money.

    Blue:If you perservere , and have faith in yourself and in your God, He will see you through. You can get a job,you and you won’t need to keep looking over your shoulder. An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

    Red: man I wish a mother fucka would try to gank me, that’ll be the last motha fucka they try to jack, that’s why I stay strapped, and I ain’t gonna ever get caught slippin nigga, never you dig.

    Blue: but when the police roll up on you everybody wants to start running like a little cowards. Mr. Tough guy is not so tough anymore.Once the police show up.

    Red: I’m not trying to hear all that fool,I need to eat. I got to look out for me, and mines.By any means necessary and I will deal with the consequences , come what may . scared nigga’s need to go to church,we handle our business out here. This shit is real nigga , you trippin.

    Blue: Sounds good, but the negative side of all that is jail or maybe even death. You still didn’t tell me how you are going to handle the police when they show up. You know confidential informants are made every day. If a crack head gets busted,their going to tell on you. The police will send the dope Fein back to buy some dope from you with marked money. ,don’t get it twisted. Your best customer could turn out to be your worst nightmare. Drug addicts don’t have any moral values; they will turn you in for 50 cents.

    Red: man you can’t be scared out here if you want to make this money. You just got to do what you do.All that weak ass, punk coward shit is gay nigga.I’m a rider, I got this. Say yea, hook me up and let’s get it popin . Don’t worry about tomorrow, eat drink and be marry for tomorrow we die nigga. I don’t give a fuck.

    Scene of the blue G plays out in his mind:

    Nut says no ,goes home, no food in the refrigerator his family are all broke no money and hungry.He goes in his room and looks at the news paper employment section where the only job listing was for a dishwasher for minimum wage. Nut puts the paper down and begins to think.

    Red G scene plays out

    Nut says yea rock I want to get with it.

    Rock: come over to my spot tomorrow.

    Nut went over to rocks drug house and picked up an ounce of crack on consignment the following day.

    Rock: now you in the game nigga get your money. You don’t have to be broke no more Nut ,welcome to prosperity. This is how the west was won my nigga one dollar at time.

    Return to original first scene

    Nut: yea, rock I’m in.

    Rock: come over and see me tomorrow, you know where I’m at.

    Nut: I’m all on it homie I’ll be there.

    Scene 2

    Nut went to Rocks dope house and picked up a package of crack cocaine. He went out in the neighbordhood and begins to sell crack near the corner liquor store.

    A police car pulled up with one of his customers inside pointing their finger at him, the police got out of the car with their guns draw and arrest Nut.

    Scene 3

    Nut goes to court

    Nut went into the court and took his seat next to the public defender then the crack head took the stand. He pointed Nut out to the jury for selling drugs. The judge sentenced him to 5 years plus ten years more for being in a school zone.

    O.G scene return to the clouds

    Red: Well that’s the breaks nigga you win some and you lose some. That punk ass snitch needs his ass whipped. Oh’ and checkmate.

    Blue: He could have taken that dishwashing job. He would have made more money than he is going to be getting in jail. In there Nut is going to be washing dishes, sweeping Floors ,mopping. Whatever they tell him to do and for free.He could have made more money out here working on a job. He is going to be in jail for a long time, that little minimum wage job would have added up to a fortune by the time he gets out of jail.He could have became a doctor in 8 years. People need to have a little faith in themselves and in God. More success and less arrest, man I am sorry for Nut.

    The End

    Gilbert Wainwright creator and writer.

  2. 2 gilbert wainwright June 23, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Hi, I begain the gang redirection concept,12-13-05 the day that my old homboy ,Stanely Williams was executed. I was not so nice about it at first and I was thinking as a sociopath. But after a few conversations and many other encounters, I learned very much about a few important life long held beliefs. I set up a website in 2007 it is that site has changed in its content a dozen times. I learnrd a grew and experienced so many heart felt disappointments, lessons that taught me how nieve that I really was about the homboy’s and those old bonds and loyalties. anyway I want to work with young gang bangers. I can help them. I am capable educated enough and I can really reach some kids, because they listen to me. I have a passion for guiding young kids a right and I have the heart, in every way, the love to help them and the courage to reach them. I was a gang banger as a kid myself among all the other crimes, plus I been in and out of jails and prisons, and always was a scraper.lastly I made it out of that life style and worked in the food and beveragd field in hotels and restraunts. as everything from busing tables and a bartenders helper to a banquet captain and manager, hiring and interviewing. Now I have a trade as an airconditioning and heating technitian, and i have a universal e.p.a. certification. I have been in the field for 14 years. I can go into a n empty frame house and install everthing in the a/c system, wire the electrical and test the opperation. Lastly more about me for your information. I am a father of 5 and I raised my kids with my one wife their mother. I baught the big house and picket fence. now they are all up and out beside the youngest, Kalena she is almost 15 now. she is there at the house with her mother, Jeanette. I divorced in 2006 because of my obsession with Took’s execution and the strong need that I have to do something to make a difference. now that said. can I get a job? check my background, Gilbert Wainwright ssn# 550-43-0123. I hoper my prison record is a benefit not a liability. That is the only reason that kids really will listen to me and trust me. My past well I want to work with these kids so I can get plugged into doing what I love to do, that is working to undo all of the damage that I contributed to creating in the world. I wa dumb but I thought I was smat, I thought I was down to the fullest and I was a staight gangster, but I was mislead. so I want to lead someone else the right way and no one has tried to support me to in three years, but I was a little ruff around the edges at first. I was not thinking the way I am today. Sincerely Gilbert Wainwright (702)504-3791 e-mail

  1. 1 November 20 Gray Panther Meeting: “Injustice in the City” « SF Gray Panthers Trackback on November 16, 2007 at 11:17 am

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