Privatize Medicare? NO WAY!

Privatize Medicare? NO WAY!
Scrap the Medicare Modernization Act!
We Demand Equal, Comprehensive, Low-Cost Healthcare for All.
We Demand Medicare For All!

More information on how the Medicare Modernization Act
threatens Medicare beneficiaries and the entire Medicare Program.

This presentation is available on disks for all. Both the DVD version, for watching on TV, and the MS PowerPoint (Windows) version for computer presentation, are full-screen presentations and have good resolution, though the PowerPoint resolution is better. Please specify which format you want. We may also be available to present this to your group. Please e-mail


Organizational Contact Information:

Gray Panthers:
Other: list of contacts

California Alliance for Retired Americans:
(415) 550-0828,,



1 Response to “Privatize Medicare? NO WAY!”

  1. 1 Marion Rojas June 7, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Thank you for this informative, and all too acurate–alas–descrip
    tion of what so-called “modernization” is doing to a once great

    I am at the point of praying, meditating, cogitating, and as my
    father used to saym, “ruminating,” that whoever becomes president
    might actually DO what Nancy Pelosi promised and so far has not even
    come close to doing!

    I do think that John Edwards seems to grasp this situation with
    respect to Medicare, as does Barack Obama.

    Thank you, all of you at Gray Panthers, for all that you continue
    to do.

    Marion Rojas,

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